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VOA grading 1953
Source: Seattle Photo Archive 1953
As World War II ended and the "cold war" began, the federal government's Voice of America sought locations where it could construct high powered broadcast antennas to beam radio programs worldwide to counter the propaganda broadcasts of its adversaries.  A plan for two large antenna fields, one on the southeast coast of the US, and one on the Pacific northwest coast led the government to acquire a large tract of land on the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.  Extensive grading of the site was done to prepare it for the antennas but in 1953, before the project could be completed the State Department abandoned it and cancelled contracts after charges of waste from a Senate subcommittee.
Pabst logo

The Pabst Brewing Company later acquired the property for a hunting reserve, naming it Blue Ribbon Farms as a tribute to its flagship beer.

Aerial view
Residential construction began to occur in the area in the ensuing decades, including the creation of the Blue Ribbon Farms airfield. 

This aerial view from the late 1980's shows mostly open fields with few structures, with the grass airstrip visible as a diagonal brown stripe on the middle right side of the picture.
BRF and spit
The Blue Ribbon Farms Property Owners Association was incorporated on November 13, 1990 to represent property owners in divisions I & II of the Blue Ribbon Farms declarant and subdivision of Clallam County (Volume 6, page 111) as recorded on June 16th, 1981.  The Association is made up of approximately 133 owners and 172 parcels/lots of single family residences as required by the CC&R's.   The Association elects and uses a Board of Directors.  Annual association assessments are determined yearly at the annual Association meeting.  A significant asset of the Association is the grass airstrip (parcel 39, division 2) for which every property owner has the non-exclusive rights of use.

Association Members: Gone But Not Forgotten


Estelle Stott
1937 - 2017

Longtime Blue Ribbon Farms resident Mary Estelle Stott passed away  November 3, 2017 from amyotropic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease) at age 80. 

She was born March 3, 1937 to Bertram and Maybelle Porter in Houston, Mississippi.  On July 9, 1955 she married Carl Stott in Mississippi. She and Carl, who worked in the aerospace industry, designed and built their Blue Ribbon Farms home shortly after the Association was first formed in 1992.  She remained a very active community resident after Carl's passing in 1995.

Estelle was a devout Christian, devoted wife and mother, loyal friend, and accomplished seamstress. She enjoyed reading, teaching Precept classes at Sequim Bible Church, spending quality time with the Sunday “lunch bunch,” and family.


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