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A BRFPOA Board of Directors Meeting will be held on 7/27/2023 at 10 a.m. Mark Long's Hangar

The agenda for this meeting is available here.

This meeting will include discussions of items of potential interest for all BRF property owners, and include both an open and closed session.  All property owners are invited to attend the open session.



Camping In Your House

Disaster Preparedness presentation
“30 Days on Your Own —
Camping in Your House”

Sunday, December 2, 2018 — 1–4pm
118 Greywolf Rd. (Cheney’s hangar)
Park on Greywolf, or near hangar if mobility impaired.


To further our efforts to be prepared for any disaster BEFORE it impacts our community, we are bringing this popular seminar to our Association members.

Camping in Your House” focuses on strategies for sheltering in place for 30 days after a major earthquake. It will offer practical thoughts on the possibility of living for a significant amount of time without power, water or transportation. In the event of a major Cascadia Earthquake, it is possible that all bridges and many roads may be destroyed. We could be on our own for a considerable time before outside help arrives and need to be prepared to be self-sufficient for up to 30 days... or even more.

This presentation offers practical advice including toolkits for repairs, best water purification and sources of light, fuel and heat, and using the “bathroom” and will provide take-home information on these. For more information on the “Camping in Your House” session, click on the brochure image above, at left.

Our presenters will also discuss how our personal preparations, Map Your Neighborhood efforts and the Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) fit together to handle emergency communications, first aid, and light search and rescue.

Previously showing at larger venues to standing-room only crowds, we ask attendees to RSVP for an idea of seating needs.


Further information to come by email in the next weeks. We are planning plenty of time for your questions, as well as warm drinks and light snacks to keep the conversation flowing.

For questions and further information:
Keri McIntyre at (818) 825-4282,
or Laura Davis at

Thanks to Mark and Denise for hosting this event. If you can help with chair setup or snacks, please contact Keri.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Picnic eats
Happy picnickers
Aircraft exploring
BRF Pilots


2018 Neighborhood Appreciation Day

In spite of persistent fog, we had a lovely and relaxing community-wide picnic on August 5, 2018. With both familiar and new neighbors, we enjoyed BBQ and potluck as our local pilots continued to assess and discuss safe flying conditions. With suitable flightseeing conditions in both 2016 and 2017, we'll try again next summer.

Thanks to all who attended, including our volunteer BBQ chef John Cuny, as well as the Association pilots who waited patiently for a change in the weather: Bob Bagwell, Gary Hendriksen, Bob McCrorie, Steve Robinson, Jay Sakas, Rick Smith and Mark Cheney.

To volunteer for future events, please write: or



Are You Ready?

Disaster Preparedness

Cascadia Fault? Tsunami? In our gloriously isolated location, it wouldn't even take one of these major disasters to leave us on our own for quite a while.

Please join our local planning efforts. So far, we’ve met and discussed disaster logistics. Using the county’s Map Your Neighborhood program, we've mapped out small, walkable neighborhood groups. These groups of neighbors are determining gathering sites and resources for eventual emergency response. They're creating local neighborhood contact lists, inventorying potential hazards and considering communications and first-aid protocols. 

We are looking for more members interested in our local community planning and the county's emergency-response training (CERT). For additional information on how you can help, please contact Keri at, Denise at or

For information on what to do in a regional emergency when 911 is unavailable, see

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