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Board of Directors

By the By-Laws of the Association, its affairs are managed by a Board of Directors composed of seven persons. Directors must be members of the Association. Directors are elected by the membership of the Association directors, nominated and elected in an annual election so that not less than two nor more than three directors are replaced each year. The officers of the Board of Directors include a Chairman of the Board, a Vice-Chairman of the Board, a Secretary and a Treasurer and such other officers and committee chairmen as the directors may from time to time determine. Offices of the Board of Directors may be combined and two or more offices may be held by one person if the directors deem it necessary.

Current members of the Board, effective April 2023, are:

Chairman Mark Long
Vice Chairman
Andrew Zacharias
Carmen Lynaugh
Natasha Merkuloff Nichols
Members at large Paul Allsing

Andre Barritelle

Jennifer Gibbings

Blue Ribbon Farms Property Owners Association
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