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Mowing of Lots

Blue Ribbon Farms is a rural area with open fields adjacent to properties that have homes and other structures.  The open fields generally have a mixture of wild grasses and other indigenous plant species that undergo an annual cycle of growth in the Spring, followed by a dry season in Summer and Fall. 

Dry grasslands are potentially a wildfire risk, but also serve as wildlife nesting areas, particularly for birds of prey such as Harrier hawks.  Nesting cycles are generally complete by mid-July, and fields become dry with increasing susceptibility to fire in August.  In particularly dry years (such as 2015) these natural cycles occur earlier in the year.

Article 5, Section 1 of the CC&R’s for the BRFPOA is entitled "Vegetation control" and states:

"In order to minimize the possibility of grass fires and to control the spread of noxious weeds, the mowing of entire lots may be required by the Board of Directors.  Failure to comply with a written request from the Board for such action within a specified period of time may result in the billing of individual lot owners to pay for vegetation control on their property."

The current Board Blue Ribbon Farms Property Owners Association approach to this issue is:
  1. When a complaint about an overgrown lot is received, a community-wide survey will be done by the Board of Directors and letters sent to owners of all overgrown lots reminding them of their responsibility to maintain lots so as reduce the spread of noxious weeds and to control risk of wildfires.

  2. Board-mandated mowing, as permitted by the CC&Rs, will only be directed to specific lots for which complaints have been received from adjacent neighbors, and where the owner has not responded to the initial reminder letter and a second letter, by having the lot mowed that is the source of the complaint.
The timing of mowing will depend upon environmental conditions; in general mowing in the last week of July will be the target date.

If property owners are in need of a mowing service, there are many available in the area, including:
  • Agnew Mowing Service
    Owners: Bob & Dorothy Schilling
    Mailing Address: 2365 Finn Hall Road, Port Angeles 98362
    Phone: 360-452-0156

  • Ricks Tractor Service (360-460-6266)
  • Jim Rossi (360-461-4598).